Did you know when the pandemic hit, our teams sprang into action to establish COVID-19 specific treatment areas, expand the number of ICU beds and enlarge our Emergency Department to keep patients safe? Now we’re standing ready again to provide care in a world with COVID-19.

We know we’ll continue to live with COVID-19 for the coming months until a vaccine or treatment is developed. But we need to meet urgent care needs now as we fight this virus and build for the future to improve the experience for everyone who comes through our doors. Now we need urgent funds to:

  • Expand Emergency by 40% with new zones to separate people into COVID and non-COVID areas;
  • Build dedicated, separate treatment areas by adding walls and partitions to ensure distancing between patients;
  • Design separate waiting areas that limit people and are built for social distancing; and
  • Build a new and improved Kids’ Emergency with better separation and special touches to make it feel calm, safe and special.


St. Joe's

Many people are surprised to learn that the government doesn’t pay for all of a hospital’s requirements. Donor support is needed to cover critical patient needs not funded by government.

Without support from donors, St. Joseph’s would not be able to provide the level of care that our neighbours require. We need support from you and our community to modernize and build new spaces, purchase new equipment and technology, and create specialized areas to meet the specific health care needs of our community.


Your Donations at Work


Donors make a difference at St. Joe’s. The CIBC Just for Kids Clinic, the Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre, the renovated Mental Health Emergency Services Unit, and the Learning Centre are all examples of what our community can do.

But now we need you to ride as West End Warriors to help us fight COVID-19 to keep our community healthy and safe.

But, we still need your help