Did you know? 80% of all of the health care you will ever need will be met by your community hospital. In Toronto’s west end, 500,000 people turn to St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

We’re here every day for the parents who awake in the night with a sick child; for the elderly dealing with multiple health issues; for our neighbours experiencing a mental health crisis; for the thousands who turn to St. Joe’s for dialysis treatment; for the simple breaks and sprains to the life-threatening emergencies St. Joseph’s promise is to always be here for our neighbours.


St. Joe's

Many people are surprised to learn that the government doesn’t pay for all of a hospital’s requirements. Donor support is needed to cover critical patient needs not funded by government.

Without support from donors, St. Joseph’s would not be able to provide the level of care that our neighbours require. We need support from you and our community to modernize and build new spaces, purchase new equipment and technology, and create specialized areas to meet the specific health care needs of our community.


Your Donations at Work


Donors have already accomplished so much. The CIBC Just for Kids Clinic is an example of what our community has made possible. Bright new patient lounges, a beautiful garden and exciting new programs are all thanks to our generous donors.

But, we still need your help



Last year, we had 100,000 visits to our Emergency Department, more than any other downtown Toronto hospital. But St. Joe’s was built to handle only 65,000 visits annually. We urgently need to expand, modernize and improve our emergency department.

By participating and fundraising for Cycle, you’ll help support crucial needs like redeveloping St. Joe's emergency department.



  • More examination rooms
  • Increased privacy
  • Better infection control
  • Larger spaces for equipment
  • Kid-friendly paediatric emergency area
  • Increased capacity for Super Track that gets 90% of patients home in two hours