A VIRTUAL Ride Like No Other

September 20, 2020


Anyone can ride as a West End Warrior. Whether you’re an occasional rider, weekend warrior or seasoned cyclist, we have some options for you.

You can choose to ride outside. We have routes for 10km, 20km, 40km and 100km through the trails of our west-end community. Of course, please follow the rules of the road listed below and always adhere to the proper physical distancing guidelines. If you want to ride indoors, there are a few ways to participate - Zwift (stay tuned for details), Peloton (stay tuned for details), or join us on Strava - CLICK HERE to join our Strava Club now!



I ride for three reasons: for health, for pleasure, and to support the front line heroes of the Surgical Program.”

- Jonathan Laceda

Check out the many ways that you can participate and win below. You can opt out if you wish.



Raise $250+ and receive a drifit Cycle 4 St. Joe’s commemorative shirt. Sizing is subject to availability.


Raise $1000+ and receive the Fizik toe cover.


Raise $5000+ and receive fizik road overshoes, which are designed to keep rider’s feet warm and dry in chilly riding conditions.

Other Promotions


All participants who raise $500+ by September 20th will be entered into a draw to win $500 Longo’s gift card.

Weekly Fundraising Contests


You also have the chance to win a $100 gift card to a local west end business. Every $100 you raise earns you a ballot to enter in our weekly draw. Winners are announced every Monday on email.


Cycle 4 St. Joe’s: Indoor Ride Options


Planning to do your ride inside? We have some options for you! Whether you are participating via Zwift, Peloton or your indoor exercise bike, be sure to sync or manually update your Strava account and join the Cycle 4 St. Joe’s Strava Club

    Our Cycle 4 St. Joe’s Zwift group ride will be taking on Saturday, September 19th, ride details can be found below:
  • Saturday September 19th at 9am: Zwift Training Ride (1 hour)
  • Peter Zissis, one of our Cycle 4 co-chairs, will invite you to the ride (“meetup”). Before Peter can send you an invite to the meetup, you will need to “follow” him on Zwift which you can do through the Zwift Companion App his “Zwifter” name is “PETER ZISSIS (CYCLE4STJOES)”.

    Join us for a group Peloton class:
  • Sunday September 20th at 9:30am: 45 min Yacht Rock Ride (Instructor: Jenn Sherman)
  • Tag us! Simply go to your profile page and go to the tag list and search for #cycle4stjoes and add us! If you click on the circle next to the tag name it will show up as your tag on the leaderboard.

Wherever you choose to ride, keep us updated by posting on social media. Don’t forget to tag @stjoespromise and use the hashtag #cycle4stjoes to stay in touch on event day!


West End Routes


We've mapped out four west-end routes for you to ride. From 10km to 100km, these will take you along the trails in the west end. All routes begin and end at the Sunnyside bridge across from St. Joe's.

Route Map 10km  Route Map 20km Route Map 40km Route Map 100km



Rules of the Road


  • Make sure that your bike is in good working order prior to the ride.
  • Bring a sufficient supply of any medications that you might be taking with you.
  • Wear a helmet at ALL points in time during the ride. Do not wear earbuds during your ride.
  • Ride to the right-most side of the road where it is safe to ride at all times.
  • Pass ONLY on the left-hand side of another rider.
  • Moderate your speed when approaching an intersection or a turn and keep your hands covering your brake levers.
  • Obey ALL traffic laws, stop signs and traffic signals at intersections unless instructed otherwise by police.
  • Bring a safety kit with you! This may include a spare tube, pump, cell phone, cash and identification in case of emergency.

Please remember this is a fun ride and not a race, all in support of St. Joe’s!

All registrants must read the waiver to participate in the ride on September 20, 2020. Parents or legal guardians, please read with any minors.