The best way to get sponsors is to ask! You’ll be surprised how many people will sponsor you if you simply ask them. Start with the closest circle of family, friends and co-workers. Fundraising is super easy, and we have two ways you can get started!


Get Started!

If you're a rider, simply login to your participant centre and start sending out fundraising emails to your contacts! We've even added a few pre-written messages to help you get started!

Feel like fundraising offline? No sweat. Download our offline fundraising form below!


Become a Cycle Ambassador

Every fundraising event needs leaders who will champion the cause and inspire others. Cycle 4 St. Joe’s is looking for leaders in our community who believe that our west end neighbours should have the best health care possible. You don’t need to be a serious cyclist, just serious about doing good. Click the button below to learn more.




Hit these fundraising milestones to receive great prizes!




  • Raise $100 (individuals) - Receive a water bottle.

  • Raise $250 (individuals) - Receive a Cycle 4 St. Joe's 2018 cycling jersey.

  • Raise $10,000 (individuals) - Receive a distinctive Cycle 4 St. Joe’s AMBASSADOR cycling jersey identifying you as a top fundraiser.



The top fundraising team that raises over $50,000 will have their team photo displayed on a huge banner facing The Queensway, Lakeshore and the QEW for one month.



Check Out These Contests!


The more you raise, the more chances you have to win!

  • Raise $100 (as an individual) in a week (Monday - Sunday) for a chance to win a Cineplex, Spa or Restaurant gift card. Every week there's a winner. Estimated value is $30.00

  • Raise $5,000 (individuals) in total for a chance to win a bike. Estimated value is $1,000.00

  • Raise $10,000 as a team for a chance to win a night out at Barque Butcher on Roncesvalles. A great way to celebrate!



Fundraising Tips


You know a lot of people

Gather all your contact lists. Go through your personal email list, work email list. Think of everyone you know through your kids, your clubs, volunteering, dog-walking friends, neighbours.

You’ll receive a sample email from us after you register that you can forward to all your contacts. Or write your own email on why you’re supporting St. Joe’s. A personal story about the care you or a loved one received at St. Joe’s can be very inspiring.


Use your social network

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all amazing ways to spread the word about your ride! Post your goals and progress, updating your followers and rallying them behind your ride. Click the button below to download the official Cycle 4 St. Joe's toolkit to get started.


Make A Big Ask!

If you ask someone for $100, you might get $100, or perhaps $75 or $50. Whatever the case it never hurts to set the bar high.


Remember Your Inspiration!

here’s a reason why you are supporting St. Joe’s. As you go about sending out personal appeals to your friends and family, try including a personal message about what St. Joe’s means to you. The more personal you can make it, the better.


Use Online Fundraising Tools!

Your fundraising page is loaded up with email templates that make asking quick and easy. Simply login to your participant centre, select the email tab, pick an email template or create your own, import your contacts, send, and wait for those donations to start rolling in!


Follow Up!

It’s very common for people to put things off . We all live busy lives and have a lot of other responsibiliti es on our plates. A litt le reminder nudge never hurt anyone. If someone has indicated that they want to donate, but hasn’t, don’t hesitate to follow-up with a phone call or reminder email. Especially as the ti me you have to fundraise for the event runs down. People respond to deadlines!


Send Thank You Notes!

It’s a simple thing to do, but also one of the most powerful. Make sure to say thank you to everyone who supported you. Send emails, post thank you messages on social media and thank people in person.


Your Fundraising Toolkit

Whether you are raising money online, or prefer to fundraise in person and on paper, we’ve got the tools to help rev-up your fundraising. Download our fundraising event resources kit here. Or, contact us at 416-530-6704 or to ask for a full fundraising toolkit! The kit includes: