St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto
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Special Occasions

Celebrate those special occasions in your life by supporting your community hospital.

When you share your birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, or other special moment with St. Joe’s, you’re helping keep a Promise to make Toronto’s west-end one of the healthiest communities in Canada.

Organizing a fundraiser is a fantastic way for you to give back to St. Joe’s and share a great time with your friends and family. Get started today!

Are you celebrating with a friend or a group of people? Create a team fundraising page to share in the fun.

  • Birthdays

    Share your birthday with St. Joe’s and ask your friends and family to support St. Joe’s in lieu of birthday gifts!

  • Anniversaries

    Commemorate your special day by asking loved ones to make a gift to St. Joe’s in your honour.

  • Holiday Parties

    The holidays are all about giving! This year, host a holiday party and request your guests to make a gift to St. Joe’s as a thank you. You can even send out a link to your fundraising page in your invitation!

  • Weddings

    In lieu of wedding gifts, ask your guests to make a gift to St. Joe’s on your special day.

  • Graduations

    Celebrate your achievement by asking your friends and family to support St. Joe’s in honour of your accomplishment.

Fundraising resources

Whether you are raising money online, or prefer to fundraise in person and on paper, we’ve got the tools to help rev-up your fundraising. Download our fundraising event resources kit here. Or, contact us at 416-530-6704 or to ask for a full fundraising toolkit! The kit includes: